Nikhil Pereira

26 Years | | +91 9902247480 | Bangalore

Skilled and experienced Java Web Services Developer. Independent worker as well as team player.

Work Experience

Ideacrest Solutions

04/2018 – present


Client: A Global Publisher

  • Migrated a Java application from Ant to Maven and upgraded the libraries and frameworks.
  • Improved admin tool app security using Spring Security.
  • Automated testing by making test collections in Postman.
  • Developed programs to replace code, detect circular dependencies and generate templates using JavaParser library.
  • Developed admin tools and supported enhancements and fixed issues every two week sprint cycle.

01/2018 – 04/2018


Client: A Global Marketplace Platform for Employment

  • Fixed issues for Mobile API Services team. Worked on a custom Dropwizard, Hystrix, Microservices framework for REST Services.
  • Helped create a microservice for terms of services and contracts consent management.
  • Wrote unit tests using Mockito and JUnit. Tested endpoints using Postman tool.

01/2018 – 04/2018


Client: In-house project

  • Developed a request tracing plugin tool for Spring Web MVC applications. The tool adds an endpoint test page and also generates a sequence diagram of the request trace.
  • The tool was developed using Java Servlet 3.0 Web Fragment technology.
  • The client dumps logs per request using NDC log mechanism, to a remote log service.
  • The sequence diagram is generated using PlantUML API and FreeMarker Template technology.

08/2015 – 09/2017


Client: Genworth

  • Web Services Developer for Enterprise Services Connectivity Team.
  • Developed in Java to migrate ACORD web services to the OSGI framework. Developed request handlers by translating data bidirectionally.Tested responses using SoapUI tool. Created Regression Tests for request handlers.
  • Connected to mainframes, databases, message queues and other web services to retrieve data.
  • Training: Java & Spring Framework, JavaScript & Web Development, Git, Amazon Web Services.


Amazon Web Services Certified Developer Associate Level.


  • School of Engineering and Technology, Jain University
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • 06/2011 – 06/2015
  • Distinction
  • The Frank Anthony Public School
  • Indian School Certificate
  • 06/2009 – 06/2011
  • Aggregate: 76.2%


  • Java
  • Spring
  • Web Services
  • Git
  • MySQL
  • NoSql
  • GraphQL
  • Postman


  • English
  • Hindi


  • photography
  • sketching
  • cycling
  • trekking