Indiaos Conference Experience

18 Jan 2020

IndiaOS is the first tech conference I have attended. I got to see the many facets of tech and open source. Everybody was friendly and had great energy and shared their knowledge and inspiring experiences.

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Jdeps Command

14 Oct 2019

In big Java projects it gets difficult to find out, visualize and filter the class, package and jar dependencies. Jdeps is a java command line tool that can be used to simplify this problem. Jdeps is a command that displays class level or package level dependencies of a jar or directory of classes.

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Unit Testing Spring Aspects

08 Oct 2019

This blog is about unit testing aspects in Spring. Spring by default uses the JDK Dynamic proxy. To use the CGLIB proxy we need to set Proxy Target Class flag as true factory.setProxyTargetClass(true); . JDK Dynamic proxies can only proxy interfaces. CGLIB proxies are actual subclasses of the proxied class.

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